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Edgemont High School Class of 1965


We held our 40th reunion on August 19-21, 2005. It started informally Friday night, at Mighty Joe Young's, then officially for lunch at EHS on Saturday.

That was followed by dinner Saturday night at the Lake Isle Country Club.

Finally on Sunday, Mike and Carol Bernstein Clark hosted us for a picnic at their grand home, complete with swimming and tennis.

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This website contains photos taken by various classmates and spouses during the 2-day reunion. Links to photo pages are along the left margin. There is also a link to the class roster, in case you want to keep track of your high school classmates.
Photos were contributed by Linda Lee Rish, Milt Laughland, Peggy Koshland, and spouses of Barbara Bock, Nancy Miller and Phil Hill. There is some order to the presentation, but not much. You should be able to download the original larger photos you like.

This was our high school campus in 1965, in this photo from our yearbook.
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