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Mailing address:
Nygreen Management
23 Meeting House Road
Bedford, NY 10549-4238

Website created 1998

Ted Nygreen, Ph.D.
23 Meeting House Rd
Bedford, NY 10549-4238

Mobile: 914-420-8802

Photo at Commencement 2010
Early Years
  • Ted Nygreen was born in Seattle, in the days before telephones had push buttons (they had "dials" and were called “rotary” phones).
  • He went to high school in Ohio, but didn't finish. Although he was a high school dropout, Ted was still accepted to MIT where he just barely got passing grades.
Marriage and
Graduate School
  • Upon graduation, Ted and Nancy were married in Scarsdale and moved to Princeton. They both earned their Ph.D.s.
  • They have three children who now have families of their own, living in Boston, New York City, and Northampton. There are 7 grandchildren and all three families have successful careers (hallelujah!)
  • Ted’s corporate career began at RCA. He became Vice President of Information Systems as the youngest VP at NBC.
  • He then joined an international management consulting firm for 14 years, where he was Managing Director (until the firm was acquired and he was fired).
Westchester County
  • Nancy and Ted moved to Westchester, where Ted was General Manager and Chief Technology Officer for 12 years (until the firm was acquired and he was fired again).
  • At retirement age but not ready to be fully retired, Ted served 7 years as Dean of STEM at Westchester Community College, retiring for real in 2015.
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